How Eating Croissants Made Me Healthier

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post…nearly 5 months in fact…a very scary thought for someone that a) loves to read & write, and b) loves to read & write about health & well being.

In hindsight, there are numerous reasons why I took a brief hiatus from my blog/website/passion. Whilst I still like to think that I live & breathe a very balanced and healthy lifestyle, it really took a 3 week stint in Europe eating croissants, lying in bed & generally having no pressing daily issues in my life for me to recharge & reflect and get ‘healthier’. Hence, croissants making me healthier.

Having spent the good part of the last 5 years consciously watching what I eat, allowing myself to indulge in foods like croissants on a near daily basis in Europe was a big feat. That didn’t of course mean I ate numerous high fat, high sugar, nutrient void foods all day, however a pastry a day kept the doctor away. Literally. Eating my first croissant in Paris, I remember sitting there thinking, “Yep, I’ve ruined my Europe body already.” Preparing myself for the usual ugly & bloated feelings, I was surprised when hours later I felt…’normal’. Whether it be the high grade European ingredients that void commonplace bloating & ‘ew’ feelings, or the complete lack of stress I was under, my body literally seemed relived in a sense to be eating something ‘unclean’.

Nutrient wise, croissants are bad for you. Terrible in fact. However, what they did allow my body was a period of adjustment, and an amazing feeling of control. In some regards, it felt like my years of healthy habits were starting to pay unusual dividends, as my body was able to eat these ‘indulgences’ without any noticeable impact. The mental relief of knowing that my body wouldn’t adversely react to consistent small doses of unhealthy food was an eye-opening experience, something that only people familiar with strict eating habits might empathise with.

More than that, relaxing my body with ‘unhealthy’ food also meant relaxing my mind, and allowed a period of refocus & reflection that brought my mind back to a healthier place. Whilst my Health Coaching course was an invaluable asset, and Health Coaching is still a brilliant & fulfilling passion of mine, time relaxing & eating croissants showed me a different perspective to my approach. Having struggled with my desire to stay in the ‘professional’ world whilst building Craving Clean, I came to realize that it is possible to have both worlds simultaneously, just with different modes. There are many many more people who are far more inept than me when it comes to the science of nutrition. For me, my passion lays with teaching people a healthy balance, and is something that I feel can be achieved through focusing soley on my blog/website, rather than trying to build an income producing business from it. That in itself was a scary, but important truth to comes to terms with.

To many, the above may seem absurd, or worthless, or just plain boring. However, my main point is this; a healthy lifestyle by default is meant to make you happier. If happy to you means counting your macros, or eating chicken & broccoli daily, then kudos to you. I’ll be the first to acknowledge that in some instances throughout life to achieve certain goals, it’s nearly essential. However, if this does not make you happy, then in essence, you are not healthy. Healthiness radiates on a circular spectrum, and without a full spectrum, you are incomplete. For me, a happy life is full of amazing, nutrient rich foods. Nothing makes me feel better. However a happy life also means enjoying experiences when they are presented to you, and living in that very moment. Very rarely will you get to experience things twice. Take the time to get to know your body, and trust that it knows best. But most importantly, trust yourself. You know in your heart of heart whether you are ‘healthy’ for the right reasons. Being healthy isn’t a fad, and it isn’t something you do because you feel guilty not doing so. It is something you do because you love the feeling it gives you, and you understands the effect it has not only on your body, but on your relationships, your goals, and your happy longevity.


4 thoughts on “How Eating Croissants Made Me Healthier

    • Hey Lisa!
      I’m glad you could connect with the post…sometimes as hard as it is, taking time away from your passion is exactly what is needed to revive & rejuvenate it!
      Oh a fellow IIN graduate- I always forgot how many of us there actually are! Would love to chat- send me an email at when you can 🙂

  1. This post made me sad. Why?

    1. because you think some foods are “unclean”. Croissants are not TERRIBLE. They are food. Your body recognises the protein (only traces), the carbs and the fats no differently to getting those macros from fresh fruit, veg and grains. Sure, the micronutrients are not as prevalent although a croissant does contain some micros … a pure butter croissant is a great source of Vitamin A and some D amongst other things. The psychology of clean vs unclean is UNHEALTHY. The croissant much less so 🙂 I mean this kindly and I believe your body was trying to tell you this!

    2. A healthy diet is one of balance. Don’t overindulge in anything and don’t overly restrict your food choices. Balance in your diet is crucial for health and wellbeing. Again, your body was telling you this.

    I count macros but it takes up very little time to do and my diet is balanced and varied and I don’t go without, ever.
    I know that mostly the battle is in one’s head .. being convinced that one MUST eat a certain way can be the start of a problem with one’s relationship with food.

    I am glad you relaxed in Europe! I’m sure it did you the world of good. I hope you listened to what your body is telling you.
    It knows best.

    • Hi Vivienne,
      Thank you for taking the time to comment, and rest assured I completely agree with all of your comments. Being a quite personal quite, I believe some of my wording my have not been quite as ‘correct’ as I would like. ‘Unclean’ would definitely be the wrong word to use; by unclean I purely meant a food source not quite a nutrient dense as some. And as I eat full fat organic butter, I understand the great health benefits of same- perhaps that why my body didn’t react to European croissants quite like it would in Australia?
      Having counted macros for an extended period of time, competing in fitness competitions using this exact methodology, I agree that it is an excellent mechanism for managing your food, and most of my issues were/are definitely mental! For me, counting macros just still didn’t feel like I was whole heartedly listening to my body, as I was still manipulating it to reach a certain point, so simply that’s the reason why I stopped. For a lot of people, it provides them with a balance they struggle to reach otherwise, or for people like yourself, its your body’s ‘happy place’, and I am so glad you find this to be a beneficial way for yourself. Like I said, I know it helps a lot of people understand the concepts of fats, carbs & protein in a much healthier way than some approaches to food!
      Again, thanks for taking the time to comment- your feedback is always welcomed! 🙂

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