The Power of Perception

We all have one in our lives- ‘The Victim‘…that one person we know, that no matter how much support we give, how many hours we listen, how many situations are handed to them on a metaphoric silver platter, they are STILL down-trodden, STILL the under-dog, STILL the poor, taken-advatnge-of person.

How do you perceive your life? Are you The Victim?

Do you let things just happen to you, and complain about the unfairness of life? Or do you take action, take charge, and realise your own potential to shape your future, regardless of events & circumstances transpired? The way you perceive the events in your life DIRECTLY correlates with the quality of your life:


To put it more simply- do you always see the positive or negative in a situation? A negative perception of your circumstance often breeds contempt, jealously & righteousness, and in the end only ever damages you. No-one else cares as much as you about how hard your life is- a sad, harsh, but true fact.

And aren’t you worth more than that?

Life is never sunshine & roses 24/7, but I can promise you this: the moment you begin to see a positive in each & every situation, whether it’s just to appreciate what it is teaching you, is the moment that life becomes a hell of a lot easier & HAPPIER. You have to actively THINK about being happy to actually BE happy. It doesn’t just happen.


This is a true story I came across from Pat Mesiti that exemplifies this perfectly! Follow along…


Identical twin boys.

Grew up in a highly aggressive and abusive household…in all manners.

Their father was in and out of jail…When he was home he’d mostly be drunk or off-his-tree on drugs…

Often beating the boy’s mum and the twin boys for no particular reason.

Where they lived was a halfway house for drug dealing, partying, alcohol and drugs, fights and abuse…

Possibly the worst environment you’d ever want your kids around (or anyone for that matter).

The twin’s mother was usually too wasted or beaten to provide any stable upbringing, so no positive influence there either.


Fast forward 20 years.


The twins are now in their early thirties.

One twin followed the same path as his father and was in jail with a string of violent and abusive crimes.

The other identical twin was a successful businessman with a beautiful family, clean living and a valuable member of his local community.

A news reporter found this story fascinating and interviewed both twin brothers.

She asked the same question to both brothers…


“Why did your life turn out like this?”


Surprisingly, although they were in different parts of the country, they both gave the exact same answer…


They said, “What do you expect, look at my father”




Powerful or what?


Lesson for you is this.

Know this…Your internal dialogue is what will shape your life.

  • Your relationships
  • Your temperament
  • Your motivation
  • Your self-worth
  • Your health and well-being
  • And your finances

These are all shaped by your internal interpretations. It’s true.


Have a beautiful day,

Charlotte xx




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