The Healthy Traveller

Tis (nearly) the season to be jolly! And with that jolliness usually comes time with family & friends; and for most this means travelling & possibly a more jolly looking belly. But fear not my friends- here I have some handy tips to keep the ‘bad’ side of jolliness ‘good’ as the silly season approaches & holiday time looms. 


Be water wise

Most people I know are usually great with drinking water during the day at work, thanks to the big plastic thing sitting on their desks. But for some reason, once the pretty drink bottle isn’t in plain site as a reminder, drinking water is the first thing to be forgotten once people hit holiday mode, meaning your tendency to overindulge in food & sugary drinks to quench your thirst & fill you up is increased ten fold (And let’s admit it- most holiday seasons come with a little alcohol here and there, which we know is the number one dehydrator! Dehydration= fatigue, dull skin, poor concentration & hunger. Not ideal for our healthy summer bodies AT ALL. (Fun Fact 101: Did you know consuming 250ml of water means your body excretes 300ml of water? Dehydration is that simple!)

Whether I’m holiday at home or away, I set myself a little ‘Water Goal‘ each day, to ensure I am adequety hydrated, or at least part-way there. Before I leave home in the morning, or the hotel room, I drink 1 litre of water. It may sound like a lot, but start your morning off like usual with a 250ml glass of lemon water, a glass of water with breakfast, and then 500ml while getting ready for the day. Drinking water early on hydrates you for the day meaning you are alert & satisfied enough to make the most of your day, and you will be less likely to reach for the sugary drinks whilst out shopping or playing in 30 degree heat.


Yes I know- advocating cocktails on a health site? Strike me down! But seriously, life is all about balance, and if you can’t enjoy a fancy fruity cocktail with your friends & family while enjoying a well earned holiday, then for most that’s not really living a balanced, happy life is it? But make smart choices. Most places are more than happy to accommodate your requests, and whilst you want to be able to indulge in a fancy cocktail or two, there are some ways to limit the negative effects on your waistline & health. Sticking to standard cocktails means there are less additives in the form of liqueurs, colourings etc., and are easier to amend, such as ordering with NO SUGAR. Look for the cocktails that are based on soda water rather than juices, and generally a cocktail with two or less types of fruit is best. One of my favourites cocktails are a Caprioska, and whilst in Bali the bartenders became professionals at making them without the added sugar (usually brown or palm sugar with sugar syrup)- it’s about as good as it can get; just vodka & fresh lime!

Menu Smarts

Over-eating is as common as Mariah Carey Christmas Carols during the silly season, and many people become professional as ‘justifying’ what they are eating- seriously, if you are justifying food, doesn’t that indicate to you that you already know it isn’t the best decision for you or your health? Just eat the goddamn thing & be done with it! Now, do you feel better? No? Oh….maybe next time, not so much 😐

Be smart when ordering, and most importantly, be honest with yourself….do you really think that telling yourself you just ‘won’t have any chips’ even if they are on your plate will work? Don’t tempt yourself…simply order your meals with no chips, and ask instead of extra salad or vegetables. Or, if you are really trying to stretch the whole ‘balance’ thing, just ensure only one meal a day has something deep-fried or ‘unfriendly’. Personally, I don’t enjoy fried foods much, as I am aware that there really isn’t one single, nutritious thing about them, so why eat empty calories??? Again, most places are more than happy to accommodate your needs if you ask politely enough (and I’ll admit- sometimes the whole ‘I’m actually allergic to it’ works wonders when trying to explain in a foreign language on holidays why you don’t want something on your plate!) Ordering salad dressings on the side is also a great habit to get into, as you can monitor your intake, and most importantly, monitor the overall taste! One final food tip- ask for your lean proteins to be grilled, baked, or poached. Even if something is fried, battered etc on the menu, a lot of the time they aren’t ‘pre-battered/pre-crumbed’ and therefore the chef should be more than happy to change the cooking method.

Snack Happy

Preparation…one of my favourite words! Many small supermarkets, 7/11, grocery stores, convenience stores etc. will now stock nuts & seeds, alongside other artificial ‘food’. Pop a small bag of nuts, seeds or dried fruit (watch the sugar) in your handbag whilst out shopping, so you aren’t caught out when the mid-morning/afternoon munchies kick in. The good essential fatty acids offered in nuts & seeds are great for satiety, keeping you fuller for longer in between your big meals of the day.

Sweat Your Sexy Self

Quite simply- get moving!!! Summertime is a great time to exercise with friends & family, without feeling like you are actually exercising. My favourite- Stand Up Paddleboarding! SUP is AMAZING for your core & upper body, as well as your legs…really an overall body changer! Do your research & find a place near you that hires them out, then make a date for a BBQ, SUP’ing & good times! Anything to get you moving over summer is great….thinking beach cricket, beach volleyball, rollerblading, swimming, beach sprints, kayaking- the list is endless! Pick one thing a day that will get you out & about, and not only will you have the most fun summer break of all, but you’ll be looking & feeling sexy & healthy all season! It’s a win-win. 

Have a great weekend,

Charlotte xx


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